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Paid surveys have recently become hugely popular as a way of making some quick, easy money to help pay the bills at the end of the month. But why is it that so many people are failing to earn a significant amount of money while others are making a killing?

Select Your Target

When it comes to this game, there are three particular types of way to earn rewards – One, paid surveys that offer prizes, usually in the form of a product or service by the company conducting the survey. Two, focus group that offer the highest payouts out of any, sometimes over $100 for a half an hour session and three, paid surveys that offer cash rewards, usually anything from $10 - $30 for a 15 minute long survey.

Prize Rewarding Paid Surveys

Now unfortunately the majority of paid survey companies out there paid there clients in the form of coupons or if you're lucky, real products or services they can use. If you aren't in this for the money and you love receiving random gifts in the mail, then you're going to love this. There are literally hundreds of prize rewarding surveys going on at once and you won't find it very difficult to find one to take part in most days of the week.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are however much harder to get a place in. I have heard of some people however that only attempt to find and get a place in focus groups and are making a good living doing so. They usually consist of a 30 minute online chat session where you will be asked questions by the moderator all about a product, service or potential market.

The payouts for focus groups can be huge! I've been involved in one in the past that paid out a staggering $150! But I have to tell you I was very lucky to get a position in that one, because I find it difficult to find any and once I do, they usually become full within a matter of minutes!

Cash Paying Surveys

When it comes to actually making a difference when it comes to paying your bills at the end of the month, there is not better way of doing it that by just targeting cash paying surveys. Sure you can earn big from focus groups and getting random prizes in the mail can be fun for a while, but in the end if you are serious about making money, you need to target cash paying surveys.

These surveys can be difficult to find if you plan to search for sites that provide surveys manually, but if you choose to join a paid survey membership, you will have access to all these sites immediately. All you'll have to do is login every day and check to see which sites are offering paid surveys and the type of rewards associated with them. From my own experience, I have found that by just targeting cash paying surveys, I have been able to make a significant income month after month and that's what this is all about in the end, right?

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