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5 Great Tips To Make Online Surveys For Cash More Lucrative

If you want to make money from the comfort of your own home then there are certainly worse ways than doing online surveys for cash. Whether just for an extra bit of income each month or if you want to work only from home paid online surveys are a way to do this. That said many are failing to make online surveys for cash the lucrative money maker it unquestionably is so here are 5 easy to follow tips for you to follow.

1. Avoid free directory of paid online surveys companies.

You will definitely need a directory of paid online surveys companies but if you really do want to make money then don't use a free directory of paid online surveys companies. It may be tempting because immediately you are saving money but there is a reason some list are free and others charge a one time membership fee. Firstly the companies on a free directory of paid online surveys companies haven't been checked to see if they are legitimate but the main reason I don't recommend it is because they offer very few cash paying surveys and those that are cash pay very little. Also the list is a lot smaller which is important as you will see for my second tip. If you want to make good cash for surveys online then it is a must that you join a paid directory of online surveys companies.

2. Join as many companies as you can.

The more companies you join when doing online surveys for cash the more money you will make because the more surveys you will receive. Another reason to do this is because even the highest paying surveys companies will only send so many surveys a month and these will sometimes be full before you get the chance to take part, which brings me to tip number 3.

3. Check your emails often.

This is possibly the most important step in making online surveys for cash lucrative. Many surveys, especially the high paying ones, have a set limit on how many people they want to take the surveys so it is done on a first come first served basis. This means if you only check your emails once a day you could be too late and miss out on some of the best paid surveys available. Another quick piece of advice is to get an email address that is only used for the purpose of paid surveys. There are many free ones such as Google mail and hot mail that are easy to set up.

4.Take part in all the surveys you are sent.

It is easy to cast aside the surveys that are for prize draws or small amounts of cash but this can be a big mistake. Small amounts of cash soon add up if you do enough of them and the prize draws can offer valuable prizes with very little competition, I've won a few great things down the years usually with a value of at least $100.

5. Put in the effort and enjoy it.

Whats true for everything else is also true for online surveys for cash - the more time and effort you put in the more you will get out. Yes surveys are a quick and easy way to make money online once you have established yourself but if you just rush through surveys you won't get any enjoyment out of them and thus will probably end up passing over more and more surveys wasting the opportunity. Also filling out surveys fully will endear you to the survey companies and will lead to you been offered more surveys in future.

These tips will help make online surveys for cash more lucrative because if your going to take part in online surveys for cash it is worth doing it right. One more little tip is to use an auto form filler tool when signing up with the companies. This is the most tedious and time consuming part of doing online surveys for cash but an auto form filler will take some of the tedium away.

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