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Make Money Online Taking Surveys - How Do We Do It?

Is it possible to make $100 an hour taking surveys in your underwear?

The Honest truth is: NO!

How does that sound for honesty? The truth is, you will not get paid $100 an hour for work of this kind, the actual amount you can earn from taking paid surveys online is a fair bit lower than that. No-one else seems to actually tell you this though. Yes it is possible to get paid $75-$100 an hour doing work of this kind, this is somewhat a secret, however.

The majority of online paid survey sites cost between 35 and 40 dollars to join. When you are a member you get a list of marketing research companies that want to know exactly what YOU think about certain products.

What kind of money can I expect to earn in a month taking online paid surveys?

In a month you can expect to earn around $1000, that would be a reasonable figure. Taking 3 or 4 $10 surveys a day would add up to this easily.

Can I get paid up to 30 dollars a survey?

Most surveys you get paid around $10 for, however, once you have prooven you are a reliable source, these companies will pick you for more surveys. You basically have to show these companies you are a reliable person. These companies are searching for people of certain ages, certain interests and particular people, such as moms.

There is actually a way you can earn twice as much as you normally would taking paid surveys. I will explain.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are a group of people who are brought together to discuss a specific product, how the product can improve, and what you think of the product. It could be a TV, oven, anything, you name it. You basically talk about this product for about an hour, and walk out with a $75-100 cheque in your hand. It is easy money, and can be quite fun to!

I hope this review clears up any information you wanted to know about paid surveys. Yes it is possible to make a lot of money with paid surveys.

I can give you a link here to an Online Paid Surveys website, if you are interesting in joining.

I wish you the best of luck.