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How to Make Money and Get Paid for Filling Out Online Surveys and Joining Online Focus Groups

If you have not heard about the great new way to make money online with online surveys then you have been missing out on a wonderful opportunity. This is the laziest possible way to make money - you can sit at home in your pajamas and just fill out some forms and get paid handsomely.

They way it works is that market research firms looking for consumer opinion on their products set up surveys and focus groups that will offer a certain price for the completion of the survey or focus group. These surveys usually only take 10 minutes to 1 hour. After the completion of a survey you will receive either online payment or a check in the mail. Doesn't that sound great?

However, there are two significant negative with using online surveys as an income source. The first is that because the survey opportunities are spread out through out the Internet among all the different products and marketing research firms that is often hard to find good surveys in a timely fashion. The second is that some unscrupulous individuals are trying to capitalize on the survey boom and have created scam pages that collect and sell your information but do not actually pay you anything!

There is a simple solution to the problem that is 99% effective and it will only cost you a little bit of money. The best thing to do is to join a survey club or membership. A good membership at a survey site will have over 1,000 survey opportunities and has member areas to ensure that all the surveys available are legitimate. These sites will give you quick and easy access to surveys and focus groups that pay as much as 300 dollars an hour. As you can see, your membership fee will be made back very quickly.

Happy surveying!

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