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Paid Surveys Etc - The Truth Exposed

I have always been very intrigued with paid surveys. I've always wanted to know whether or not they could bring you the kind of wealth they promise on their websites. However, all of the scams that are out there these days have made me a bit gun shy jumping in with companies such as paid surveys etc. I've always wanted a job where I could just sit at home and be paid for my opinion. It just seemed like every time I was ready to take a shot I would come across another review about how all paid survey opportunities were scams. I was warned that all of these so called paid survey sites offered you hardly anything in return for your sign up fee. Leaving with your money and not making you a dime.

I put it off as long as I could but with gas prices rising and jobs at an all time low I had to give it a shot. I was very nervous about various scams that I had seen on the internet and on tv. I had no idea what to expect as I was just jumping right in. I did my homework with about 2 weeks worth of research. I wanted to find the right website that would give me the largest database of paid surveys. The reason for this is because the more surveys you take the better your return. In the end I decided on paid surveys etc. They had quite a bit of credibility with people that have purchased a membership through their website. Paid surveys etc. was also the most popular researched paid survey site on the internet. I figured if everyone else was signing up with them then I shouldn't really stand out in the crowd.

Paid surveys etc. gave me access to a huge database of companies to sign up with. Each companies sign up took about 3 minutes. They also gave me a database of companies that allowed me to sign up for online focus groups which usually pay somewhere around $50 for each session. I'm sure you can see the potential of a very nice paycheck. If you need proof that there is success with paid surveys etc you can go to their website which offers various testimonials from satisfied customers.

You will probably not get rich taking paid surveys with paid surveys etc. However, it is a very nice side income. Just remember that the more surveys you fill out, the more the potential reward.

Michael Bowler has been making a healthy income taking surveys online for almost 5 years. For more information on paid surveys etc. visit