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Legitimate Paid Surveys Directories - Do You Need One

Do you need one of the legitimate paid surveys directories to make money with surveys and find the best paid surveys online?

First let's look at all the steps you need to take if you don't wish to use one of the legitimate paid surveys directories. The first step would probably be to search for market research companies using a browser. Once you've done that and listed some of the companies it's time to start checking them out. Please note if you want to make money with surveys you'll need to join about 100 companies so make it a big list.

The second job would be to make sure each site was legitimate so to do that you would need to do the following.

1 Check to see how long the company has been in business.
2 See how long the company has registered its domain name for
3 Search forums for satisfied users. Note the word users, one is not enough.
4 Check out the companies support by sending them an email. If the reply seems to be from someone who knows there stuff and is pretty quick then thats a good sign. Ask something not anyone could answer like something about company turnover, remember you don't need to know the answer.
5 Make sure a privacy policy is in place.

I'm sure there's another thing that at this point I just can't remember but even these 5 steps would take a good few hours per company not to mention having to possibly wait a few days for a reply from customer support. You can just imagine how long 100 companies would take.

Sadly a free list also isn't an option. Apart from the fact the list is still too small to make money with surveys worthwhile it should also be said that they only offer a list. None of the companies have been tested to see if they are legitimate or not so you would have to do all the above with a free list with the exception of searching for companies to list.

legitimate paid surveys directories with a membership fee are the only real option but if truth be told few of them are worth the membership fee as only a few provide the best paid surveys online which is what you need to make money with surveys a great way to make money. Do you need one these legitimate paid surveys directories? Most definitely

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