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Common Mistakes To Avoid With Paid Online Opinion Surveys

Despite been a supposedly easy way to make money online many aren't making much money from paid online opinion surveys. All those that aren't making money will be making most of the same mistakes.

The first mistake many people make is that they use a free list they have come across rather than pay a small fee for a list. The reason they charge a fee is because they offer a bigger list which in turn contains the better paid online opinion surveys. The most you can hope for with the majority of companies on a free list is a few $3 or $4 surveys here and there, whereas with some of the companies on a paid list the average alone is $20 per survey. The $3 or $4 surveys are worth doing but only if you get enough of them which sadly won't be the case with a free list.

This brings me to the second largest mistake people make with online surveys. They believe that by joining up with 20 or 30 companies they believe to be the best will be enough but this isn't the case. Since you have access to a list use it, sign up with the whole list in your possession, it may take a little time and effort but in the long run it is definitely worth it. Anyone who is making money that is worth having from online surveys will no doubt be signed up with hundreds of companies. Many companies who offer surveys are working for other big companies so you never know which company is going to turn around and offer a $75 commission for there survey so unless you sign up with all the companies available there is a big chance you will miss out.

There are a lot of paid access sites that in truth offer little more than what you would get from a free list which is very little but if you find one of the better ones, and there aren't many sadly, paid online opinion surveys are a great way of making an extra home income and with the right frame of mind and effort a great full time opportunity.

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