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Make Money Taking Online Surveys - And Get Rich?

Online surveys are certainly legitimate and anyone can make money taking online surveys but the big question is how much money? Some claim that they can make you lots of money but is this really true.

I suppose in one aspect it will depend upon your idea of lots of money, if you are hoping to get rich by taking online surveys then I have to tell you this is going to happen. This is also the case for those wanting surveys to replace their full time jobs, over time this maybe achievable but for many it just won't happen.

So what are online surveys good for? Well although they may not make you rich they are a very easy way to make money from home in your spare time and are a great way for stay at home moms, the elderly or the disabled to boost their income, in fact basically anyone that spends a lot of their times in doors. Surveys are also a good way for students to make some extra cash in their spare time.

If done properly anyone can make money taking online surveys. Once in a routine and taking part in the correct way it is very easy to make around $500- $1000 a month and some will make a little more. This is money that can be very handy, helping to pay off a bill or simply to put towards savings you may have.

There are some scam companies to be avoided and the best way around this is to use a paid membership directory. The reason I recommend a paid list over a free one is simply that the owners of a paid list should have tested every site and company to make sure they are legitimate where as this isn't the case with free directories so they are still a risk. Also a paid directory site of companies ( who will all be free to join incidentally ) will contain a larger database of companies than a free site and they also tend to be of a better quality.

As anyone can make money taking online surveys it is an opportunity I would highly recommend, just don't fall into the trap of thinking they will make you rich.

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