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Can You Really Do Online Surveys For Money?

Are surveys a scam or can you actually participate in online surveys for money? If it's a question you'd love answered then read on.

Online surveys are a legitimate way for you to earn rewards all from the comfort of your own home. Each company has it's methods of rewards which vary from vouchers, prizes and , yes the all important one, cash.

Receiving cash paid surveys however may not happen as regular and have as big a reward as you may have been lead to believe.

You may indeed receive the occasional $75 survey but they are rare and are usually offered to people considered as established surveys takers before they are offered to everyone else. This should therefore be your aim - to become an established participant.

To do this you will usually simply be required to take part in several lower rewarding surveys first before the companies are willing to send you higher paying cash paid surveys. Once you are established though you will start to see an increase in the rewards you are been offered.

Still the fact is that doing online surveys for money is unlikely to live up to the hype you've probably been given. Online surveys are a great way to make an extra (and easy) income and should be taken as that. Surveys should be seen as a way to boost your current income rather than a way of replacing it, if replacing it is your aim then you will more than likely end up very disappointed.

A select few individuals do make a full time income from online surveys but they have dedicated a lot of time and effort to taking online surveys for money and making them work for them.

No matter what your aim one thing you must do is find a great list of resources and make use of as much of it as possible. You will only make money with surveys by joining as many companies as possible, for this there are many directories out there which offer these resources. However be careful as some are a complete waste of time and can be quite risky.

Is it worth doing online surveys for money? In my opinion definitely. It takes little time to participate and can be very rewarding over time. As long as you enter with the right frame of mind and attitude towards surveys I see little reason you won't feel the same way.

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