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Many people now make money on internet surveys and a big percentage of those people are making good amounts of cash from the opportunity. But why are some making a good living from surveys whilst others struggle to make money on internet surveys?

The main reason is that those making good amounts of cash from surveys are doing two things differently to those who aren't. They are signed up with lots and lots of companies that offer paid surveys. Those making full time income from paid surveys are signed up with hundreds of these companies.

The other thing they do differently is they find and take the highest paying cash surveys in existence. They get surveys that on average pay $20 a survey and can offer up to $75 per survey where as most people only ever find the companies that offer $1 or $2 surveys. If these are the only differences then why aren't more making a good amount of cash for surveys?

The simple answer lays in where they obtain there list of survey companies from. Those that use a free list of companies are sadly missing out on a great opportunity because they feel that something that charges $40 for a lifetime membership offers nothing more than you can get for free but if thats what they believe then the truth is they are destined never to get the most from online surveys.

Those that make money on internet surveys, and I mean good money, do so by joining a membership site. Membership sites offer up to ten times the amount of companies a free list does with some offering over 500 companies to sign up with and this is the first step of making money with surveys.

Membership sites also contain all of the highest paid surveys companies which you won't find available on any free site in the world. You will never know what a $75 survey looks like if you only use a free list and you'll struggle to see a $20 one if I'm honest.

You can make money on internet surveys like I do every month but the fact is you have to spend money to make money. I've tried dozens of membership sites and in all honesty only a handful are any good but those handful make online surveys one of the best ways to make money from home.

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