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Online Paid Surveys - Reviewed

Is it actually possible to take online paid surveys and earn $100 an hour sitting in your underwear?

The straight truth is: NO!

So How does that sound for honesty?

The honest truth is that you won't get paid $100 an hour for work of this sort. The actual amount you can earn from taking online paid surveys is a fair bit lower. This is something that no-one else seems to tell you. Yes it is possible to get paid up to $75-$100 an hour for work of this kind, honestly, it’s possible yes, but it’s pretty much a secret.

The majority of online paid survey sites cost between 35-40 dollars to join, then you get a list of marketing research companies that actually, really want to know your personal thoughts on specific products.

1. So do I really get paid by taking online paid surveys?

Yes, that’s correct. If you take a $20 survey, they HAVE to pay you $20.

2. Can I get paid 25 dollars per survey?

Don’t expect to get 25 dollars for every online paid survey you complete. After you have proven yourself with the companies, you can start getting $25-$30 surveys. You basically have to show these companies that you are a reliable person. It’s also effected by who you are - you are paid more if you are a mom, this is since people want opinions of moms, and actually are willing to pay a large amount of money for them.

3. How much can I expect to earn with online paid surveys?

This depends, and it mostly depends on you. Your opinions are of very high value to these market research companies, they really can’t find enough people to survey about their products; so of course, they are willing to pay you for YOUR opinion, this is just how it is. The companies are looking for particular people, of particular ages and of course of certain interests.

4. How much can I expect to make a month with online paid surveys?

It is actually possible to make up to $1000 dollars a month, that is a realistic amount. $10 surveys are very easy to come by, and if you complete just 3 or 4 of these a day can put you on over $1000 a month. There is actually a way to double this, and I will tell you exactly how.

Focus Groups

I can give you a link to a service I would recommend, if you want to benefit from this. A focus group is a group of people that are brought together to discuss a specific product. The product could be a microwave, TV, oven, you name it. You can get invited to these focus groups all the time.

The focus groups usually last up to an hour and the least amount of money that has been offered is $75. You can actually get over $100 for in some cases. You come together and talk about your personal experiences with a specific product, you express your ideas on how the product can be improved and they hand you a cheque as you walk out. Imagine a nice $100 dollar cheque for only an hours work, this sounds to good to be true doesn’t it? But this is actually possible, and the best thing about it is, it can be fun too!

I hope this review clears things up about online paid surveys, you can benefit greatly from online paid surveys, yes, and it is actually quite fun to. You can check this online paid survey site out: Online Paid Surveys

Good Luck.

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