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Are Paid Online Surveys A Scam?

Some people make paid online surveys a scam, which in turn makes the real business a little less reliable in the eyes of the public. As with any good thing there are people out there that want to ruin everything or as they say make a buck too. The only problem is that they scam everyone they come across, and make the legitimate business seem like a scam too.

There is no better industry that demonstrates this, than the paid online survey business. There are lots of legitimate marketing businesses out there, but there are lots of people that have made paid online surveys a scam. This makes the legitimate business appear to be a scam too, and makes many people shy away from them. When in reality paid online surveys are actually a viable way of making some money.

The best way to distinguish between the real companies and the online survey scams is when you sign up. The real companies will not require that you make any kind of deposit to join, whereas the scams will require some kind of membership fee.

So many people pass up the legitimate paid survey sites because of all the companies that try to sell the information to them. There are a few very long standing, well established survey paying sites. Among these are survey savvy, Greenfield, and the light speed panel. These sites are free to join and they do send you surveys. Although in the beginning it might be slow going and the surveys may be few and far between. In the weeks following your sign up the surveys will start rolling in. the more you answer, the more often you will be sent surveys.

How much can you make from surveys?

The amount of money you make from surveys really depends on you. Most people that work at it make between $50 and $150 a week from surveys. Now we know that this really isn't enough to quit your job. But it can be a real help especially to people that already work at home.

The only thing you need to do to make some money at online surveys is to express your honest opinion and to be aware that there are people that make paid online surveys a scam. Just stay away from them, and don't pay anyone money to join a survey site. The survey sites are always free to join.

Michael Baker works from home, and uses Online Surveys as a part if his income.

So, are paid online surveys a scam? Absolutely not. Visit Askleona to find out more.