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Online Paid Surveys - A Great Opportunity Or A Scam?

It is hard to meet anyone who have never seen an advertisement which promoted completing paid surveys as a way of life. Such ads often claim that completing paid surveys is a dream work at home job and may give you up to $300 a day just for completing surveys. Is it a scam or a legitimate offer? Truth is, paid surveys are a bit of both.

The point is that you simply can't make more than $100 a month by completing surveys. While such surveys are real and they are really paid (usually from 4 to 20 dollars a survey), it is virtually impossible to receive more than half a dozen of such surveys a month - there are simply too few surveys done to get more. Even those who sign for many such programs at the same time won't get much more - perhaps up to $150 a month maximum. There is simply not enough work for all people willing to take part in the surveys. Paid surveys are a great way to make some extra cash before Christmas, but very lousy full-time job.

It's also good to remember that the amount of money you earn from the surveys depends on who you are. The point is that you receive the survey only if you qualify. The surveys are always targeted - they want to learn more about people living in some specified location, doing some specific job or having some specific hobbies. If you don't quality, you don't receive the survey. Full stop.

Completing paid surveys is an excellent way of making small extra money. Many teenagers take this opportunity and do not regret it. If you are interested in setting up your own business however, completing paid surveys is one of the worst ideas you may have. You will just end up sitting at home, doing nothing and earning nothing.

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