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Legitimate Online Paid Surveys - Are They For Real?

Legitimate online paid surveys claim to offer you the opportunity to make money from the comfort of your own home just for giving your opinions. They claim the reason for this is that big companies like Nike are so desperate to get the opinions of consumers that they are more than willing to pay for this information. Is this actually true though?

Well if your looking for a way to make some extra cash on top of the income you already make then you will be pleased to know that legitimate online paid surveys do offer this opportunity.

Those looking at legitimate online paid surveys in the hope that they can do them and replace there current job however should realize that this just won't happen. People are making good extra money on paid surveys with the key word being extra. Online paid surveys should only be done to top up what you already make, taking them with the aim of making full time cash for part time work just isn't realistic and isn't going to happen.

How much money you make will also depend on several other factors such as what your personal details are ( sex, age etc. ), how many companies you register with and which directories list of legitimate online paid surveys providers you actually use.

The latter is important as there is little doubt that you will need the help of a directory to have enough companies for you to register with. Some directories are very poor and are only after your personal details or a commission for recommending you to the companies. Survey sites that do this tend to be the free ones (this is how they make there money) so I would recommend you pay a small fee for a membership site though be careful as not all paid sites are worth joining.

I'd recommend legitimate online paid surveys to anyone who wants an easy way to add a little extra cash to the household each month. Have a little patience when you first register with companies and you will start to see legitimate online paid surveys flowing into your email in box.

Legitimate online paid surveys only work with the right resources. To find out which companies help me make $1000 a month with surveys click here.