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Can Cash Paid Surveys Make You Lots Of Money?

An opportunity to make money online that is growing in popularity is that of taking cash paid surveys. Is the opportunity however really all that it is been cracked up to be?

If you've been told that paid surveys are a legitimate way to make some money online then that is fine as the opportunity really does exist. The problem however is that a lot of sites, for whatever reason, are not telling the truth about the kind of money that can be made.

Some sites are claiming you can make several hundreds of dollars and more a week by taking part in surveys online. This I am sad to report, even those that have been taking surveys for a while and do them religiously are only making several hundred a month.

Several hundred a month however isn't something for many to turn their noses up at, so online surveys are still worth doing for many.

You won't make several hundred dollars straight away as survey companies will require you to actively take part for a brief period before they even consider sending you the better paid surveys that they have to offer. You will also need to join plenty of companies rather than just the odd few or you will never be sent enough surveys to make them worth while.

Each company will only send a handful of surveys a month and this is the reason it is so important to find as many of these companies as you can. The easiest way to do this is to join a good surveys directory for a small fee as they will provide you with a list containing hundreds of companies. You can of course choose to search for these companies by yourself but it will take you a lot of time.

Cash paid surveys are in my opinion worth taking part in. They are certainly the simplest opportunity available that allow you to make money online, just remember however that they are not ever going to make you rich.

Adam Bradley is a paid surveys expert and currently runs Paid Surveys Scam. For reviews and advice about the various survey directories available read Legitimate Paid Surveys Directories Ratings.