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Where To Find the Top Paid Surveys Online

Where to find the top paid surveys online? This is a question that is asked a lot a I am sure that you have been searching long and hard for he top legit survey sites. Well, here is a good list for you to get started.

The first of the top paid surveys online are available at a site called Greenfield. They are one of, if not the leader in paid surveys online. Thousands and thousands of other companies use their surveys to give to their members. Greenfield is a staple in the online survey industry and they deserve to have that privilege. This is because of their quality and their willingness to pay their members top dollar for completing paid surveys online.

Greenfield has most of their surveys available on their website and they will also send you tons of different survey offers on a daily basis. The customer support is top notch and they are always 100% free to join. They will never make you pay a dime to be a part of their survey community.

The next on the list of top paid surveys online is Opinion Square. They are a very good up and coming survey site that is starting to pay its members very well. They have a nice, user friendly layout to their website and getting in touch with customer support is extremely easy if there are any questions that you may have. Opinion Square is also absolutely free to join and they have a nice payout system in order for you to receive your money from this top paid surveys online. Opinion really wants you to share your opinion and they show it by offering high payouts for taking their surveys.

This is part one of a two article series of the top paid surveys online. These two amazing survey websites are just a start. You will be able to take even more surveys and earn even more legit cash with part two of the top paid surveys online.

Part two of the Top Paid Surveys Online is now available. Adam Woodham is an expert on Paid Surveys. He has extensive experience making money online with these unique survey websites and runs the web site which features a free list of the Top Online Paid Surveys.