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How To Make Good Money With Legitimate Online Paid Surveys

How can you make money with legitimate online paid surveys? First it helps if you understand why surveys exist in the first place.

Surveys exist because for a product to succeed market research companies need to get the opinions of consumers. They need to know consumers preferences and the reason we buy what we buy. Does the packaging matter? Would a free bonus sway you to one product over another? Would you choose a low price over quality? All these are the kinds of questions that are so important to companies that are offering a product or service.

Because this information is so important market research companies are given a budget which can then be used on surveys for consumers (i.e you and me) opinions. There are currently 3000 companies around the world that offer legitimate online paid surveys and 700 in the US alone - that means there's a lot of cash to be had from paid surveys.

Only a handful of companies will offer no incentives to the consumer but all the rest do whether it be cash, prizes, sweepstakes or vouchers for 15 minutes of your time they couldn't be many easier ways to get these incentives.

Of course people mainly want the cash surveys and for this will need to pay a small membership fee for access to a directory with a huge list of companies. Sticking to a free list is a waste of time because they only have small list, offer very few cash paying surveys companies and sell on your personal information.

Legitimate online paid surveys are a serious business with a serious purpose and there are plenty of people out there making a good living from paid surveys and there is no reason whatsoever that you couldn't do the same, all you need is a browser, an email address and of course an opinion.

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