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Finding the Best Online Paid Surveys

Filling out online surveys is a great way to make extra money. In just a few minutes a day, you can easily earn a few hundred dollars a month from the comfort of your own home. That's enough to pay for groceries or even a car payment.

But finding the best online paid surveys is easier said than done. There are lots to choose from and many are simply not worth the trouble.

Here's a quick checklist that you can use when evaluating survey opportunities:

1. Have they been around for awhile or are they brand new? New isn't necessarily bad, but if a company has been in business for years it's a safe bet that they're legitimate.

2. Do they pay cash? Some surveys only pay in the form of prizes, or chances at a prize. The best online paid surveys pay in cold, hard cash.

3. What's the payment threshold? A high payment threshold means you won't get paid until you take a lot of surveys. With lower thresholds you'll only have to complete a few surveys to get paid.

4. How often do you get paid? Payment frequency varies from one survey to the next. Do you get paid weekly? Monthly? Quarterly? Make sure you ask.

5. How much do you get paid for each survey? I've seen payments range from 25 cents to $50 or more.

6. Does each survey pay in money or points? Many survey companies reward you with points that can be traded in for either cash or merchandise. You should be careful with these because it's easy to make points look a lot more valuable than they are.

One More thing. Before you join any paid online survey company, you must read Online Survey Scams Exposed. You'll learn how to spot a survey scam and discover which are the best online paid surveys.