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Paid Online Surveys, A Scam?

Short answer no. Paid surveys are not a scam. Paid surveys are a real way for people to make extra money. It is not a lot of money, but then again you are still getting paid for doing next to nothing. Paid surveys are not what you read about in sales letters on websites that want you to pay for access to their list of paid survey websites. You will not make $1000’s of dollars each and every month. You can not take them whenever you want as some sales letters have told you, you are invited to take them. You may even go weeks without receiving a single paid survey offer from a website. It is their decision when and how often to send you paid surveys. Also you can not make a living taking paid surveys online. When a website asks you to sign up with their program for free and they have happy members and payout on time they are not a scam. If you are thinking of joining a website you probably should do a search on their name and look at some reviews of their program.

When paid surveys are a scam there are some tell tale warning signs. The biggest thing you should look out for is whether they want you to pay to be a member of their program. Now there are some paid survey websites that may charge you to be a member and may actually provide you with information or surveys worth that much, but those websites are rare and not useful for everyone. Also you should look at their privacy policy. Some paid survey websites don’t flat out scam you. Instead they have you sign up upon collecting your email address they sell your information to the highest bidder. You need to beware of these websites. Even though they don’t actually take anything from you they still say they are going to pay you to take surveys and then they just take your email address and personal information and never send you a thing. If you are interested in taking paid surveys I suggest that you take a look at some good paid survey sites.

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