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Should You Use A Free Or Paid Surveys Online Directory

Since there are many a free paid surveys online directory around why should anyone pay for one? It's a good question. The answer is quality.

What is the difference between a newspaper that charges a fee and a free one you pick up on the tube? The free one is of an inferior quality, it has little news of note and is packed full of ads and this is how they make there money.

Now a quality paper will have less ads and every story of any importance plus a few little ones that are newsworthy yet others have just failed to spot because probably they haven't put in quite as much work. A paid online surveys directory is pretty much the same.

A paid membership site have put in a lot of time and effort to finding the best survey companies available but they have also tried to find a few hidden gems you might not find elsewhere. Like the free papers are simply there to make money from ads, a free paid surveys directory is simply there to make money off its commissions and nothing else.

There list is inferior and will make you little money because they are only recommending companies that will pay them for referring you. These companies are only interested in getting your details so they can bombard you with spam and try to get you to purchase there products, either way the list is practically useless.

I started by using a free paid surveys online directory as like most I felt it was the paid membership site which was a scam but with experience I now know it is actually the other way round. Hopefully this information will save you from wasting a lot of time too.

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