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Legitimate Paid Online Surveys - The Easy Way To Make Money Online?

Is it really true that legitimate paid online surveys are an easy, and great, way to make money online? It is certainly a great way to make money online but it depends what you mean by easy as to whether legitimate paid online surveys qualify as easy.

If you mean are the legitimate paid online surveys easy to make money from once you have signed up with the companies then yes they are a very easy way to make money online, but actually finding the companies that provide the legitimate paid online surveys is far from easy.

When I initially heard of the idea my first thoughts where fantastic but when I kept coming across sites asking for a membership fee for access to there list I became skeptical. I decided to try and find the companies that provided legitimate online paid surveys myself. Boy was that a mistake.

As I had no real idea what to expect I just assumed signing up with a couple of companies would be sufficient enough for me, how I was wrong. One company sent me just two surveys in the two months I was with them and the other sent me plenty of surveys - I just never received any money for them.

I knew paid surveys could make me money because of the company that did pay me but it was obvious the only way to make the kind of money I really wanted to make was to join up with a large amount of these companies. As it took me several hours to find two companies the thought of finding 50 didn't exactly fill me with joy. Again I was drawn to the paid membership surveys directories.

As I had some spare cash from a recent birthday I decided to take the plunge and join a paid membership surveys directory, luckily without any real research I landed on a legitimate paid membership directory. The reason I say luckily is because since I have been making money taking online surveys I have come across (and fallen for two) scam survey directories.

I'm glad I took the risk though as the directory was massive and all the companies on the list provided legitimate paid online surveys as they had all been tested. The membership also included tips and advice to increase the potential amount of money I could make. After the initial boring work of signing up with all these companies I was on my way and have never looked back.

In my opinion it is easy to make money with legitimate paid online surveys- if you go about it the right way and get good advice on finding a legitimate paid online surveys directory then online surveys are a very easy way indeed.

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