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Why Can I Make Money Completing Online Surveys

When people see the adverts that tell them they can make money completing online surveys they often are left wondering why this is possible, after all what reason can there be to give you money just to answer a few simple questions. Thus this seems to be when most people decide surveys are a scam but in truth they are passing up the easiest way to make an extra income available because you really can make money completing online surveys. I'm going to tell you how they work and why they are not a scam.

Currently in the United States alone companies spend in excess of $250 billion on marketing their services and products to consumers each year. This is spent on two things, the first and most costly is on advertising but that is not where you come in. The second part of the money is where your help is so valuable that companies are willing to pay you for your opinions, research.

Finding out how consumers minds work, why they purchase certain products and how they shop helps companies understand there market more and thus enables them to make more money by improving there products to match the thoughts of their consumers

Of course the companies know that people need an incentive to give away this information, there not going to give them it for nothing, they are willing to pay people good money for their opinions. This is what allows you to make money completing online surveys as the companies know paying for peoples opinions during research will ultimately make them a lot more money than they would without it.

So paid surveys aren't a scam and you can make money completing online surveys. It is worth signing up to a membership site, which charge a small fee, as they provide a huge database of companies all of which have been checked to make sure they are legitimate and won't sell on your personal details, unlike free membership sites.

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