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Make Money Doing Online Surveys - Fact Or Fiction

How long will it take to make money doing online surveys is the type of question that falls into the same category as the classic How longs a piece of string? question. The truth is that there is no definitive reason for this question.

Why not? Well several factors go in to how long it would take you to make money doing online surveys. The first of course would be dependent on which companies you have registered with and how many.

Those limiting themselves to joining 10 or 20 companies are limiting the number of surveys they will be sent each month but the number of companies you join isn't the only factor.

The personal profile you complete when first registering with a company will also have a huge bearing on the surveys you get sent. You may sign up at a good time when all the surveys that are been sent match your profile however you may also drop on when the companies are looking for the exact opposite. Either way no matter what your profile is things do tend to even themselves out over the year so don't be worried too much if you don't receive many surveys at first.

Your timing can also be important as if you sign up at the same time as a lot of other people then it may take a while for the companies to work through the backlog and register you on there system.

The fact is you never really can give a definitive answer. Are there people that make money doing online surveys the same day? Yes, but there are also those that have to be patient and don't really start making anything of note until after a couple of months, some even up to 6 months.

Is it worth trying to make money doing online surveys? For the small fee involved ( it cost me more to rent a movie and buy some flowers on Friday ) and the extra income they can provide once they kick in the answer from me is a definite yes.

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