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Can You Really Do Surveys Online For Money?

Can you really sit at home in front of your computer and do surveys online for money? You certainly can. However the problem may lie with what information you have been given so far as to whether you actually believe them to be a good thing or not.

Paid surveys exist of that there is no doubt. They exist through market research companies that need to get the opinions of consumers and users so that they can maximize the products marketing success. Online surveys are a fast, cheap and easy way to do this.

Not all online surveys offer cash rewards but they will offer incentives of some kind. However if we're been honest it's the cash you're going to be after so you need to find the best companies that offer paid surveys.

Market research companies themselves don't supply the surveys they give the task to a third party and hand them a budget. Now the good survey companies, the ones you should be looking to join, will keep a small percentage of the budget for themselves and pay the remainder to it's members for taking part.

Some companies however are greedy and keep a large percentage of the budget to themselves ( around 75% ) this in turn means there is little left to offer its members for participating and the surveys aren't really worth doing.

Finding out which is which tends to be found by trial and error but considering you need to join at least 100 of these companies then a paid surveys directory is a must if you want to do surveys online for money and a good one will have the majority of the best companies, the ones paying cash, available.

Free lists aren't worth the time of day, sadly, as they simply offer a list of poor companies that are willing to pay the free directory money for getting members to sign up with them. This is why they are free, because they make there money in other ways.

Of course some of the paid sites do exactly the same thing and offer the exact same list but as long as you avoid one of these and use a good, highly recommended directory then you should have no problems doing surveys online for money.

If your looking to make tons of money for online surveys then I have to inform you this is unlikely. They are a nice way to make some extra income each month but they aren't going to make you rich. Because of the competition around surveys and other work from home opportunities it is now common for survey sites to over hype the opportunity but just because they've exaggerated shouldn't stop you taking surveys online for money.

Is it worth doing surveys online for money? I would say it is and would recommend them to anyone. As long as you enter the idea without expecting miracles in terms and what you will make and use a good paid surveys directory then paid surveys are a great way to make some cash in your spare time.

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