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Do Surveys Online And Making Money Go Hand In Hand?

Do surveys online and making money really go alongside each other? Yes they do. It is possible to make a good amount of money from doing paid online opinion surveys.

Not all the companies that offer online opinion surveys give a money incentive, but they all offer incentives of some kind. You may be entered into a prize draw, given vouchers and given free products to test and keep.

Doing surveys online and making money is easy enough to do but it does require you signing up with a lot of companies to make it worthwhile. I would recommend signing up with at least 50 companies, so obviously a directory of companies is what you will need.

Paid memberships offer a list of anything from 400 to 700+ companies and the best ones also offers tools and advice that makes signing up with the companies a quicker process, and a wealthier one. Memberships are usually no more than $50 for a lifetime membership and any legitimate directory of paid online opinion surveys will offer a money back guarantee, so if after 6 or 7 weeks your not happy ask for a refund.

There are free directories but since they only have a database of around 40 companies you still would need to find some more companies yourself. The big problem with the free sites though is that they sell on your personal information to third parties, so they aren't worth the risk.

You can of course search for the companies yourself, but the time it takes to find the companies and check there credentials mean it would take over two months to find 50 or so legitimate paid online opinion surveys companies.

Paid online opinion surveys can also be fun as they are normally matched with your personal profile so the majority are on topics which you should find interesting. You may also from time to time be asked to view movie trailers and take part in focus groups.

I hope this as helped answer some of your questions about surveys online and making money.

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