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Home Jobs For Student - Surveys Scams

Home jobs for student packages have become more popular in these last two years. Instead of working in the university library or in the fast food restaurants, students are now contemplating a more flexible and lucrative way of working.

Many home jobs for student packages have risen due to the proliferation of the Internet. Within these opportunities for students we denote the kind of the surveys, typing jobs and other "paid to" jobs.

These types of jobs have been proved to be out right scams over and over. Surveys programs tell students that they can make up to $150/hr just by taking surveys. If it was that easy we will all be sitting at home filling up surveys.

The most somebody has made from surveys is $100 in total. That is what I found out after researching many home jobs for student opportunity.

I bought a Survey program myself called Survey Scouts when I was starting on the internet. The first problem was that not every survey companies was rewarding with cash. A lot of them had a points system or prize draw. Unless you are the luckiest person on earth, you would not want your part time job paycheck to be based on luck.

The second problem I encountered when I started taking surveys was that I had to qualify for the surveys that I have been invited to. I would spend about 10 minutes answering questions for the surveyor to tell me that I did not qualify.

When I did qualify they would pay me between $1 and $3 or give me some points after an hour of work. The points system is even worse because you have to take more surveys (more than 10 qualifying surveys) before you can claim a worthless gift.

After three months of hard work filling out forms, I did not even reach the $30 mark. Many surveys program are scams because they charge you about $40 to register for the program and all they do is give you a list of free surveyors. You could have found those results yourself by searching on Google.

It is definitely not what I will call value for money.

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