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Can You Really Make Thousands Of Dollars Doing Online Surveys?

Wouldn't you love to get paid to do surveys online? Wouldn't everybody? Well, probably not everybody, but a fair number of people would. People love surveys, they do them all the time for free. Just see how many surveys are published in magazines and newspapers. Almost all of the major news websites often have short surveys that people like to fill out. Why? Because everybody loves to give their opinion sometimes. It may be strange of even bizarre to you and me, but there you have it. People love surveys, and so it is just natural that those people will be excited to find that they can get paid to do surveys.

Problem is though, that you have to be careful when searching out websites that promises that you can make thousands of dollars filling out surveys. While it is true that you can be paid to do surveys, it is unlikely that one source can set you up with enough surveys every months for you to be able to make thousands of dollars consistently.

You should also be careful for sites that promise to give you a list of "secret" websites that offer paid surveys. There are no "secret" websites where you can get paid to do surveys. Every legitimate website that offers surveys would be publicly advertised and you would not have to pay to access them.

It is also often true that you will not get an actual cash award for completing a survey, but instead you will receive gift certificate or coupon or prize of some kind. Occasionally there will be cash prizes as well, but for those you are often entered into a draw where you have a "chance" to win the cash amount.

In conclusion, while there are some websites where you can get paid some real money for consistently doing surveys, it is unlikely that you will get rich from it.

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