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Paid Surveys – Where the Real Money is

Many people are interested in paid surveys, and IÂ’m not surprised. The lure of earning money from home, sat in your pyjamas, while getting paid to give your opinions is very enticing.

But a less well known aspect of paid surveys is something known as the “focus group”.

So what exactly is this thing called the focus group? Let me tell you:

A focus group is where a group of people (most commonly between 5 and 10) are brought together to be asked questions, much like a group paid survey. The questions are often just like an interview. The advantages for the company is that they can get accurate information from a group of consumers very quickly, which is perfect for running market tests. The advantage to you, is that you can get paid quite a lot of money for not much work.

Paid focus groups are often paid several hundred dollars per person just for a few hours work. The ones that pay the best are usually the ones that require your physical attendance. Although you can take part in focus groups over the telephone, and even over the internet through a chat room.

Sometimes during these focus groups you will be asked to fill out surveys. Some companies will pay you for each survey you fill out, much like online paid surveys. If youÂ’re a fast worker, and given enough surveys, you could work up quite a pay check.

But the drawback of these lucrative focus groups is getting invited to them. It can take quite a bit of hard work, or quite a bit of luck to get one.

So in conclusion, keep your eye out for focus group opportunities as well as paid survey opportunities. It can be hard finding the focus groups at first, but they can be much more lucrative than simply doing the online paid surveys. Of course, it all depends on how much extra money you want to earn. For many people, the hassle of joining a focus group isnÂ’t worth it. If all you want is an extra $50 a month, you may prefer to stick with paid surveys online.

Anyway, I hope this has been able to shred some light on another profitable area related to paid surveys.

Nikki Taylor is the owner of the Paid Survey Blog, where she shares information on how to increase your earnings from paid online surveys.