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Paid surveys are a good way to make extra income from the comfort of your own home, since all major companies need to know what their AVERAGE customers wants. So that's why they can afford to pay people like me and you up to $75 per survey.

Technically it's a very easy process, especially with the technologies like the Internet, you can get paid for online surveys almost instantly. And that's the best part, because you don't need to do anything, just fill easy surveys that take like, 10 to 15 minutes.

Anyway, I decided to put up a web site on the Internet to help people find the best surveys site for them. You probably think that they are all the same, but no, not really. Some of them offer even more that just surveys, so you will be more than happy just by joining some of them.

I truly hope that the web site that I've put up will be helpful to you and you can even leave some feedback and comments about it, so I can improve later. I'm a newbie in web site building so don't be harsh, I put together some high paying surveys web sites.

Personally, I tried almost all of them so I left a little feedback about every web site that I've tried. So I hope to see you soon there and don't forget to leave comments and feedback! And please, don't be too harsh, because I really spent some time doing the research and really want to add some value to you.

Harry Lake is a survey addict that enjoys earning an extra income from his home. He runs a web site where he shares survey sites where you can get paid for online surveys.