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Am I Really Gonna Get Paid Cash For Answering Surveys?

When it comes to getting paid cash for answering surveys it is certainly true that there are hundreds of market research companies around on the internet which offer this but I would be lying if I said they all do, however this isn't really a bad thing.

Paid cash for answering surveys is obviously the most sought after but some market research companies offer other incentives that shouldn't be turned up lightly. Some offer you a new product, usually the one they are researching, totally free. Depending on what it is the item could be quite expensive.

Vouchers are another incentive market research companies use instead of paid cash for answering surveys, but when these vouchers are for places such as Amazon and Walmart these vouchers are almost as good as cash.

There are also prize draws and sweepstakes but the good news most people are looking for is that you really can get paid cash for answering surveys as the market research companies know that this is the incentive which will bring in the most consumers to take part in there surveys, and this is of huge importance to them as the more consumer opinions they get the better there product will be marketed and the more money they will make.

To find the companies that offer paid cash for answering surveys it is best to just sign up with as many paid surveys companies as you can, the more you join the more money you will end up making. I'd recommend at least 50 paid surveys companies to make it worthwhile. There is one person I speak to regular on a forum I visit and they've signed up with over 300 companies but she makes on average $4500 a month and regularly wins prizes, I'm not suggesting you sign up 300 companies but it just shows what is possible. I'd highly recommend a paid membership survey directory for a list of all the legitimate paid surveys companies you'll need.

So yes you can really get paid cash for answering surveys but just don't turn your nose up at the other incentives without consideration.

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