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Finding The Top Paid Surveys

The top paid surveys are what every surveys taker wants after all they are what will ultimately make you money from online surveys. But so many actually fail to ever take part in a survey that is for more than a couple of dollars. So do they actually exist or are the $75 surveys a myth created to get more people to register with these companies.

$75 surveys do exist but truth be told they aren't offered out too often and when they are the companies will only offer it to those they feel deserve it so just remember that the next time you turn down a $2 survey because you could also be losing your opportunity to take part in one of the top paid surveys further down the line.

Those that are looking at online surveys as an opportunity to make a thousand dollars a week for doing a couple of hours work are living in a fantasy world. The only way you will ever make that kind of cash with that amount of work is if your lotto numbers come up.

There are people that make a full time job of online surveys but it will have taken time and effort on there behalf to establish themselves with each company and they will have signed up with hundreds of companies taking part in every survey they are sent no matter what the size of the reward.

Finding the top paid surveys is only the first part of the challenge the second is actually getting to take part. When I first started receiving high paid surveys I've lost track of the number of times I actually missed out on taking part because I only checked my emails once a day. By the time I'd spotted it the company had already had enough takers. This is an important lesson for those that take part in online surveys - keep an eye on your in box because the best surveys can get snapped up quickly.

The reason people find it difficult to find the top paid surveys is because they are looking in the wrong place by trying free list of companies but the fact is all you will get from a free list is some poor quality companies that will bombard you with junk mail and sell on your personal details to third parties.

Some of the paid access sites are exactly the same but actually have the cheek to charge you for the privilege but the ones that do offer a good list are the ones you need to join if you want to make money and find the companies that offer the top paid surveys.

For a list of poor, misleading or complete scam paid survey directories and links to the ones that actually are worth looking at check outruns Paid Surveys Scam.