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How Long Does It Take To Fill Out A Paid Survey?

It’s no secret that it’s possible to earn a few extra dollars a month from taking paid surveys. And it is possible to regularly get paid surveys worth a few dollars. But the question that nobody seems to be answering is this:

How much of your time does it really take to fill out a paid survey?

So I’ve done some research, and got together some rough figures of how long it takes to complete a paid survey.

The first thing I found out was that the more you get paid for a survey, the longer it will take to fill out. Seems fair, right?

But there are some surveys out there, which pay you quite a bit, and yet still don’t take much time to fill out. I’ve discovered that the reason behind this is usually because you’ve received a paid survey that is on a topic that doesn’t fit many people’s profiles. This is another big reason why you should take your time in filling out your profile correctly.

The average time for a paid survey to be completed varies quite a bit, depending on the subject and style of the survey. For example, some surveys are just multiple choice, and are very easy to answer. Others require you to write your own thoughts and opinions. These take longer to complete, but pay more.

If you’ve been doing paid surveys for awhile, then you’re probably already familiar with a “focus group”. These focus groups pay considerably more than paid surveys, but they also take up much more of your time.

Some focus groups can take only 30 minutes. But the majority of them seem to take between an hour or two to complete.

With focus groups you are always informed of exactly how much time you need to be there, and you have the choice whether to accept or not. It’s also becoming more common for online paid surveys to inform you of how long the survey will take.

I hope you will find this information useful for when it comes to managing the time you spend on making a few extra dollars a month from online paid surveys.

Nikki Taylor is a writer and researcher for the Paid Survey Blog. To find out more about online paid surveys as well as information on how to get started and earn more from paid surveys, be sure to visit the Paid Survey Blog.