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Online Surveys For Cash Are A Scam

Online surveys for cash are a scam, o.k maybe thats a little bit of an exaggeration but many are been given misleading information about them and thus are left feeling as if they have been scammed. Here is why people are been mislead.

1. Told They Can Make Thousands.

I've met some people that take online surveys for cash with a lot of success but even they are limited $2000 to $3000 a month and they dedicate a lot of time to online surveys. Sites claiming you can easily make $1000 or more a week are simply talking out of their backsides. Surveys are a fantastic way to make some extra cash and they are easy to do but they certainly won't make you rich. As long as you take online surveys with realistic expectations you should have no problems.

2. You Only Need To Join One Company.

Joining one company will severely limit the amount of online surveys for cash you can receive. No matter how good the company you join is the fact is that you will be limited to very few surveys a month if only using one company as they will only send out a set amount of surveys each month, and you may not qualify for each of these. To make decent cash from taking online surveys you need to join as many companies as possible and to do this I would strongly recommend you find a good directory of survey companies, even though it means paying a small fee, as in the long run it will be beneficial to you and how much money you make.

3. 99% Of Survey Sites Are A Scam ( And Similar Headlines )

When looking for survey sites, or more commonly a directory to use, you will come across review sites. Some are very good and offer bits of information as well as good honest reviews. However others aren't really review sites but simply a well disguised sales page. Anything with ridiculous headlines like the 99% are scams line or "there is only one company I would recommend" should be quickly exited. Also be wary of a review site where the site only reviews a handful of companies and the reviews are just one paragraph long.

So the offers to take online surveys for cash aren't a scam but they can be a little misleading but as long as you find advice you believe you can trust and ignore the hype on the sign up pages and take surveys for what they really are then I believe you will have no complaints. I highly recommend taking surveys to anyone but just remember they aren't a get rich quick scheme.

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