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Paid Surveys - How to Make Money From Them

Paid Surveys

How many paid survey sites am I signed up for? Which are the best? I am signed up for .. let me count first..30 paid survey sites. Here is my experience with that. I am not making as much as I had hoped when i first started signed up for them.

Here are some of the sites that I highly recommend signing up for:

- - they have sent me many surveys for the month. You can redeem 1000 points for a $50 check. Each survey is around 5-50 points each. Sometimes the surveys will be as much as 200 points($10 survey)

- - although they send many sweepstakes surveys, they recently have sent me a huge $15 survey that should be in my account in 4-6 weeks

- - they send me surveys quite frequently for points that can be redeemed for stuff such as cash

- - i think they sent me a $2 survey recently. When I checked the site right now, it wasn't working. Not sure what is up with that. Nonetheless, I have faith that they will be up soon.

Maximizing Earnings

If you would like to maximize your earnings with paid surveys, my advice is this: sign up for as many survey sites as you can because that way, you will receive surveys on a daily basis as opposed to a few a month. The more surveys you get, the more chance to be making cash. Even if a site says they offer many sweepstakes but sometimes cash, sign up for that too. Just ignore the sweepstakes ones and do the cash ones. The only sweepstakes ones i recommend doing are the ones that give you. I have heard that they will send more cash surveys to you when you complete all of the sweepstakes surveys they give you. They like to see that you are an active member before sending you cash surveys.

For more info: For more survey sites and info, be sure to check out They are the yellow pages of paid surveys. That is where I have personally gone to find survey opportunities. The site is very organized. You can even choose options depending on what you want and where you live such as "Most Popular", "United States", "Canada, "Australia", "United Kingdom," to find you surveys that will accept you. It's a great site!

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