Who Can Do Surveys Online For Money

If you've read any post on this blog you will now be aware that people can do surveys online for money. However you may still be wondering if that includes yourself, so who exactly can take paid surveys.

Well it will depend on the companies that you choose to register with but the general rule of thumb is that as long as you are over 18 almost all paid surveys companies will except you as a member on there register.

Of course there are a minority of companies that will only look for members from a certain location such as the US or the UK but many will allow members from the majority of countries to join there register.

What surveys you are actually sent will depend almost entirely upon your personal profile so just because you find you haven't been excepted for one paid survey doesn't mean you won't be excepted for the next.

Surveys are specifically matched to what type of consumers opinions they are after. This means if your a 60 year old man and a paid survey comes along for womens fashion you won't be getting that survey. The next survey may be about cigarettes so a person whose profile states them as a non smoker will probably be left out of that survey.

Usually things tend to even themselves out and no profile tends to receive much more in the way of surveys online for money than another profile. This is one reason why it is pointless to lie on your personal profile thinking it will lead to better surveys for yourself.

The other reason not to lie is also because if you are caught out you will be banned from that companies register and any money owing to you won't be paid. If that company is one of the best paid surveys providers then it isn't worth it in the long run as like I said things do even themselves out over time.

The only other things required are an email address and access to a web browser. As long as you have these then very soon you could be taking online surveys for money.

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