What Paid Surveys Are

A paid survey is an online statistical survey where the participant receive a reward for his opinion through an incentive program. This method is used very often by marketing firms to test new advertisements, and they offer the participant a cash reward or entry into a sweepstakes program. A paid survey collects quantitative information about the person's personal and economic habits.

The corporate marketing companies need to understand consumer perceptions in-depth, that is why they will offer incentives to survey participants. A participant will never have to pay for a legitimate paid survey, but may pay to get a list of companies offering paid surveys.

Paid survey programs that are legitimate exist because, in order to remain competitive in their given markets, companies need a better understanding of their customers and their perception of products. Surveys that are legitimate are separated by personal demographics so that the data will better apply to the target audience the marketing firm tries to reach.

Many people make an income for living from paid surveys, in fact, this people work full time filling out surveys to make a decent income, because there are surveys that pay from $5 to 75 per survey, so doing the math, if they fill out daily 10 surveys paying $20 each, they make $200 a day, this means $73,000 a year. This is only an example and not every people make this income, this was just to illustrate the power that paid surveys may have.

If you can do the half or a little less of that, you can have a very decent extra income.

Juan Uflerbaumer writes about Paid Survey and Get Paid For Survey

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