Tips And Information On Paid Online Surveys

A lot of information on paid online surveys can be a little misleading. Everything from the amounts you earn to how easy they are tends to differ between each site you visit but are a few Q and A's to help you get the information on paid online surveys that you are looking for.

How much will I make?

The average lays between $400 and $800 per month but it really depends on how many companies you sign up with. A paid membership site will have over 400 companies listed for you to sign up with, where as if you go it alone or use a free provider you may only have a list of 30 or 40 companies.

Should I join a paid membership site or use a free site?

I'd highly recommend a paid site (as long as it is legitimate) as they have a massive database compared to the free sites and they keep your privacy safe. Many free sites sell on your information to third parties, this is how they make there money but it can leave you open to all sorts of problems including identity fraud.

Why can't I find the companies that provide surveys myself?

You can do it this way but to find and then research the companies you find takes around two hours at a time and even longer if you test there email address as you have to wait for a reply, even legitimate paid survey companies take a day or two. If you need to sign up with over fifty companies to make a reasonable amount of money then this is a lot of time. It is quicker if you don't do the research but this will ultimately leave you victim to one of the many scams around.

How many companies on a database should I join?

The more the better. Most companies only send one or two surveys a month so if you sign up with 50 companies you receive around 100 paid online surveys per month. I am currently signed up with 150 paid online survey companies and don't get time to complete all the surveys I am sent but still bring in over a $1000 a month.

Why are companies paying me to fill in paid online surveys?

It is simply part of a companies market research. The more information they have on people's shopping habits, taste, etc. the better they can promote the product and the more money they make. Surveys are a way of getting this information and they are willing to pay for it as they know they will benefit in the long run.

I hope this information on paid online surveys has answered some of the important questions you may have had.

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