The Truth About The Best Paid Online Surveys

There are hundreds of sites knocking around that claim they can tell you where to find the best paid online surveys but can they really provide what they claim?

The answer is no they can't. The reason no one else can tall you what the best company is for you is because they don't know you. They don't know what your personal profile will contain and therefore it is impossible for them to know which is the best.

Different companies need different types of consumers to take part in their paid surveys, for example one company will be looking for smokers and another could be looking for non smokers and you can't be both.

Many sites offering to show you the company that provides the best surveys online probably are not been purposely misleading as this company may very well have been the best for them, but just because it was for them doesn't mean it will be for you.

Since surveys are worth doing to bring in some extra cash (though they won't make you rich, which you can find out more about in my article ) the only real way of assuring you find companies that are the best for you is to join as many as possible.

The simplest way of doing this is to use a paid surveys directory. These directories charge a small fee ( usually less than $40 ) but for that fee they will provide you with hundreds of companies that offer surveys and usually one or two other opportunities to make money online. Not all the directories are worth joining as some offer list that are useless and will just fill your in-box with spam.

If your really looking for the best paid online surveys then using a list of companies provided by a directory is the only way you can guarantee this will happen and not by simply finding a suggested company on a web site or forum.

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