The Truth About Online Paying Surveys

First off, Id like to start by saying; if you don't mind spending hours at the computer, and aren't easily bored, this might be for you. I'm talking about online paying surveys.

To start, it is highly recommended that you sign up for no less than 30 companies. This is because some survey sites will only send 1-3 surveys a month. There are some people who have signed up with over 100!

I tried to find the ones that are legit. Of the first 30, less than half were listed with the Better Business Bureau. I found that a lot of these survey sites had F ratings. If you decide to sign up through a company that gives you a directory; [a directory will give you a list of many survey sites to sign up with], I recommend you check out the company first. You can also send the company an email before signing up to receive the directory.

The next thing which is also highly recommended, is that you download a free program called, 'Roboform'. This program will automatically fill in your personal information every time you do a survey. It's purpose is to speed the process along.

You will receive an email notification whenever there is a survey to do. Do not expect the paying surveys to arrive at first. These companies want make sure your serious. After that you will get offers for appr. $1-3 for a completed survey. Remember, not all offers will be for monies. Some will pay nothing, others will give you a gift. There will also be products sent to you in the mail. You keep the product. All you do is try it, then complete the survey.

Next of course, the ones every survey taker wants. The online panel groups. You will receive an email notification asking you to join in on the panel. You will be required to download a free program. This is so you can chat with one another; but first, they have to know your computer's connection speed. You'll also be asked to sign in about 15 minutes early.

One thing however. Even after you've signed in, you may be told, that they already have enough participants. One last thing. Some surveys will take longer than the time expected to fill out.

Can you make money? Yes. How much depends on you, your time, and patience. I wouldn't expect to get rich off doing surveys though. This is everything I can think of. In case your wondering, I, myself did online surveys once. I'll never do it again.