The Top Paid Surveys And Where To Find Them

Many people have started to wise up to the fact that you can make money from paid surveys but to make the opportunity as lucrative as possible you need the top paid surveys. But where can you find the top paid surveys.

You may not yet have started doing paid surveys or you may have just begun but if you are reading this article I assume you are using a free directory list or a list of companies you've found yourself. The free directory list are something I would recommend only if you simply cannot afford to invest in a membership site but you should know now you won't receive the top paid surveys.

The reason there are paid surveys directories that charge a membership fee is because they know they are offering something that has a value. Not all the paid membership sites are legitimate but those that are can be worth there wait in gold, let alone the small membership fee they require.

The differences are massive as not only do they contain list of anything up to 600 of the top paid surveys companies but the fees you receive can be increased greatly. Most companies available in the free directory lists will pay $1 or $2 per survey but those offered by the membership sites can pay up to $75 with the average been between $10 and $20, which still isn't bad for 15 minutes work.

The gap in pay is what separates the legitimate paid surveys from the top paid surveys. Lets be honest your doing this to make money so why settle for a little when for the same work when a small fee can make all the difference.

When I first started I thought it was going to be a scam but I was desperate for some extra cash so I took a chance and I've never regretted it. For anyone looking for an easy way to make a little money surveys are highly recommended but don't settle for average - get the top paid surveys.

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