The Myths Of Taking Online Paid Surveys - Only One Company Required

Those that take online paid surveys with any degree of success all have one thing in common. This article is going to tell you what that is.

The Myth - Joining One Company Alone Can Bring You Success

Why bother using an online paid surveys directory when all you need is to find just one company that will offer high paying surveys to its members. Your loyalty will be rewarded if you stick to one company.

The Truth - The More Companies You Join The Better.

Ask anyone who is making decent amounts of money from online paid surveys how many companies they are a member with and I guarantee they tell you at least 50 and in most cases it will be even more.

The reason for this is simple. No matter how good a company is and how well its surveys pay the fact remains that they will only send out an handful of surveys a week which simply isn't a good enough stream of online paid surveys for you to make money from. Not only that but the truth is it is very unlikely you would be accepted for each survey anyway so that would lower the amount of surveys you receive even further.

To make online paid surveys work for you then you will need to be given a consistent supply of surveys for yourself to complete and get paid for, this will only happen by playing the numbers game. This is why any successful survey taker will be registered with so many companies.

Finding these companies of your own accord would of course take an eternity so I would recommend doing what those who are successful are doing and use an online paid surveys directory as they will provide a list containing hundreds of companies and providing you are using a good directory all of them should have been checked to make sure they are legitimate.

If you thought getting online paid surveys and being successful was as simple as joining one market research company then sadly you where wrong. However the opportunity is still the same it may just take a little longer to initially register and get started as instead of one company you will be joining fifty.

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