Should You Stay Away From Free Paid Surveys?

When someone first learns about the opportunity of paid surveys online, and about the many different websites that sell information on where to find them, they tend to shy away from spending any money and look for free paid survey opportunities.

In some ways, it’s a wise decision to not spend any money at first… especially if you’re not sure if you need to pay for information that you may be able to find for free.

But something you need to be aware of when it comes to free paid surveys, are the many companies out there who lure you in with the promise of paid surveys, but secretly just want to add your name to a direct mail or telemarketing list.

These companies are well aware of the appeal that making money online from your own home has to people. And some companies exploit this, be promising paid surveys, but really just sending you lots of junk mail.

Many people think the scam artists are the people who charge for the paid survey information, but this isn’t always the case. I’m sure there are a few junk sites that sell information that you could find for free, but many of the paid survey membership sites actually provide a lot of extra value in the form of support forums, advice, and bonus software to help you fill out forms quicker.

However, I know that many people treat paid surveys as just a few extra dollars a month, and as such, they don’t want to have to invest anything in the form of start-up money. In this case, you can still get a few paid surveys coming to your inbox from free paid survey sites. Just make sure that you don’t fall for a “free paid survey” scam from some internet pop-up or spam email.

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