Paid To Take Surveys - Or Can You Really Get Paid To Take Surveys

With more people than ever before on the look out for ways to earn extra money because of mounting debts and the general cost of living today online surveys are becoming increasingly sought after. The question is though can you really get paid to take surveys or is it all just BS.

It is true that you can earn money and get paid to take surveys but depending on what you've previously read it may not be as much as you would wish for.

The sites that over hype paid surveys aren't in general doing it to con you they are simply bending the truth a little to get you to join there membership site but that happens in every business not just online surveys so the fact that they over exaggerate means very little but it does leave the question of how much money actually can be made and whether it is worthwhile.

Those that have success with online surveys do so because of two major factors firstly they join a paid membership site because this is where all the higher paying companies are and they offer a far bigger list than you would find for free. This brings me nicely to the second reason people make money with surveys, they sign up with as many companies as they can.

Those that make a full time living from surveys put in a lot of time and effort signing up with companies and participating in all the online surveys they get sent and in truth that is the only way you will make a full time living.

However it is possible for the average person with the help of a good list to earn between $400 and $1000 each month for just a couple of surveys a day (about half hour a day) and there are very few opportunities as easy as online surveys that can offer that kind of extra cash.

You can definitely get paid to take surveys but be warned if your looking at it as a full time earner it will take plenty of time and effort on your behalf. If on the other hand you are merely looking for some extra cash each month on a part time basis online surveys are the easiest way to go about this.

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