Paid Surveys Online Directory - Free or Paid Membership, Which Is Best?

To do online paid surveys you really need to sign up with as many companies as possible and easiest way to do this is with a list or directory of companies. Some are free and some charge a lifetime access fee but which is the best option as a paid surveys online directory?

The free paid surveys online directories may at first seem the best option, after all there free but in honesty they have hidden cost. Firstly they make money by selling on your personal information to third parties. This may not seem like much to you but this information can be used for fraud and identity theft so it is a major concern that many don't even know about.

The second way they make there money is that some (not all) take a commission from each survey you complete. A free paid surveys online directory will also have a much smaller list of companies than there paid membership counterparts.

A paid surveys online directory that charges a membership fee can also have it's problems. Some are the same as the free sites and sell on your information and there are some paid membership directories that only contain the exact same list that the free sites have, of course these may as well be avoided.

There are also those that are just plain and simple a complete scam that simply take your money never to be heard from again. They only register the domain for a very short period of time and then they are gone. However what of those that are a legitimate paid surveys online directory?

A legitimate paid surveys online directory will charge a one time membership fee any that claim an annual fee and you should look else where. The database of companies that they have are far bigger than those you will find freely but more importantly they contain the companies that offer the highest paid surveys available, ones that you won't find on the free sites. If it is a better membership paid surveys online directory they will also offer advice and tools that will help paid surveys easier to do.

For those looking for a paid surveys online directory I would strongly recommend a paid membership if you really wish to ever make any real money from the opportunity. Paid surveys will never make you much money if you only rely on the free list and will only become the lucrative money earner they can be with a paid membership.

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