Paid Surveys - Getting Paid To Take Surveys Online

Taking paid surveys online can be very rewarding. Hundreds of market research companies will actually pay you to join their panels and participate in online paid surveys, product tests, focus groups, and even mystery shopping.

All over the internet people are talking about paid surveys. Why? Because they are the easiest way to make extra money online. Paid surveys is one of the only business opportunities you can join with no money out of your pocket. All you need is an email address.

But along with a great opportunity comes several scams. Thousands of websites are now posing as paid survey companies to get your information and sell it to advertisers so they can email you and try to sell you something. There are also companies that will charge you up to $60.00 for a list of paid survey panels. There is no need to pay for that type of information. There are actually a few websites that will provide the same list for free.

The best way to get started in paid surveys is by signing up with the Top Paid Survey Panels. These are the ones most commonly advertised on paid survey websites. They are the ones that send the most paid surveys. There are 20 - 30 paid survey panels listed in the "top paid survey panels". Each one is a reputable company and will pay you to take surveys online.

Most of the paid surveys in the top paid survey panels pay by check, Pay Pal, or by a points system where your points can be redeemed for cash. You can easily find this list by typing in "top paid survey panels" on a search engine like You can also find a free source for paid surveys by search for a "free paid surveys directory" on or

When first starting in paid surveys you should take an hour or so and sign up with all of the top paid survey panels. This will almost guarantee that you receive at least one paid survey a day,usually more. Then after you get the hang of it you can find a free paid surveys directory and find more paid survey panels to join.

This article was written by Chris Price. Mr. Price is the owner of, a database of over 300 legitimate market research companies that have paid survey panels.