Paid Surveys are a Scam, or at Least Paying for Them is

Paid surveys are a scam, and there are currently many companies that charge $34.95 or in some cases more than that for access to them. You can actually get paid to do surveys, but you certainly don't have to pay for them. Market research companies have been paying people to participate in surveys, focus groups, and product testing for decades. In fact, the same companies that want you to pay $34.95 to get paid to do surveys also make money when you sign up for these market research companies. Funny right? I'm not laughing.

Last year I paid the membership fee to join one of these sites and was thoroughly disappointed. Instead of getting access to a well paying home job, I was told to sign up for 50 different companies. I had to confirm each of those 50 different companies in my email, and they subsequently spammed me into the next century. It was bad enough that I spent $34.95 that I didn't have (it went on the credit card), but now it looked as though I might not make the money back.

In addition, they don't pay you cash for every survey. Most of them wont pay you at all. They enter you into drawings for cash prizes or cool stuff, but I needed cash. You see, the reason I needed to make money was to pay off an ever growing credit card bill. I didn't need to enter a lottery, I needed cash now. That was when I remembered the banal cliche,"if you can't beat em, join em."

Rather than charging for access to paid surveys I decided to give the information away for free. If you want to make money online without paying someone to do it, check out my free list of places to take paid surveys. Sometimes it feels good to tell the truth.
Rob Rawlings is an aspiring web designer, an artist, and unfortunately a political scientist. He has been working fervishly to generate a passive income online. If you want to know how to make money online then check out our ebay business guide.