Make Money From Surveys And Is It Worth It

How do you start to make money from surveys? Surveys come from several sources but the main one you will encounter and receive surveys from will be internet market research companies.

Each company has there own take on what to offer consumers as an incentive to participate but the main ones are entries into prize draws and sweepstakes, vouchers (for amazon usually), cash and points systems which can be exchanged for cash,vouchers or items.

Of course the one everybody wants are the cash paid surveys but I think completing any surveys you are sent can be worthwhile. Prize draws are often rubbished but the fact is some of the prizes can be fantastic, either for yourself or in value, and the best thing is that you will normally have very little competition so don't be too hasty to delete them from your in box.

I've got a little side tracked because as I said the majority are only interested in cash paid surveys. Cash paid surveys can be lucrative if you manage to find and sign up with enough legitimate online paid surveys companies.

This is harder than it sounds because there are a lot of scams around but if you can find legitimate online paid surveys companies you are one step ahead of most people. Many fall into the trap of been lured by a company offering a big cash amount only to find they remain unpaid after several months.

The best way to avoid this is to use a paid access directory. The reason for this is that not only will you be presented with a massive list of companies but if it is one of the legitimate paid surveys directories they will also have tested all the companies before adding them to the list.

I've tried dozens of free and paid directories and to be honest even the majority of legitimate paid surveys directories aren't worth the hassle but the few that are worth joining can make doing paid surveys a great money making opportunity.

You can make money from surveys and it is worth it but there is no harm in been a little cautious but provided you join one of the legitimate paid surveys directories that has a great list you will have little to complain about.

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