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Every day there are more paid Internet surveys being made. There are now thousands of surveys being made every week. Some of these surveys are being made on a paid basis; the participants get paid in cash for taking the survey and filling out the survey questionnaire.

Market researchers are paying out millions of dollars a year to survey participants and many thousands of survey takers are receiving checks in the mail for surveys taken.

Some survey takers are doing well, reporting substantial incomes from paid surveys. Most more or less serious survey takers report incomes of $200 - $600 a month. Some report incomes of $1,000 a month and more.

Other survey takers say there is no money in it for the work. They speak of few paid surveys and lots of long surveys for free, or next to it.

The difference seems to be in how they found the survey makers they applied to and what kinds of survey makers these were.

Survey makers can be roughly divided into three categories: Serious legitimate, pay in cash (about 30% of the total), Less serious, looking for freebies (about 60%) and Miscellaneous including frauds, wannabes, and sales companies that are survey makers mostly in name only (about 10%).

To make money you only want to apply to the first group, the Serious legitimate, pay in cash people. However, these people tend to keep the survey takers they have, get lots of referrals through them and don't advertise much because they don't need to.

The second two groups, Less serious and Miscellaneous, are always losing participants who get tired of working for free and quit. So they have to advertise a lot and pay fees to recruiters for every prospective survey participant they can send them.

And so, if you go looking for survey makers on the Internet, 90-95% of the ads and publicity you encounter will be about the second two groups.

"Free" paid survey sites and others offer to give you lists of survey makers for free so they can collect the recruiters' fees. Companies advertise for survey takers, needed because half those they had two months ago are now not responding to e-mails.

To earn cash taking online surveys, take care in choosing your source of survey makers to sign up with. Best to use a paid survey site that tracks survey makers and keeps a list of which are good and which are not. For a small membership fee they will make their current list available to you.

Pick one with a strong money-back guarantee and a low refund rate. That way you can't lose and will have the best shot at getting good survey makers to sign up with. This will assure that you earn cash taking online surveys; Paid internet survey = paid participant (you!).

The money you make from the first two or three surveys will more than cover the cost of the paid survey site.

And you won't be wasting time by signing up with second-rate survey makers and other time-wasters and losers.

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