How Much Can You Earn Doing Make Money Online Surveys

Is it really possible to get paid doing make money online surveys? For the newcomer it may seem to be the one question on the internet without a definitive answer. No matter where you look everyone seems to be of a different opinion, but what is the truth.

I've been taking online surveys for several years and although things have changed a little over that time one thing has remained consistent and that is that although online surveys aren't a scam they also aren't going to bring in the kind of money needed to replace the income a full time job provides.

So what is the point of doing make money online surveys? Well they are an extremely simple way to make yourself an extra income from the comfort of your own home. Where as other so called "easy" opportunities are a scam, such as envelope stuffing, online surveys are legit and a great option if you take part knowing the facts - That they aren't going to make you rich.

To make money from online surveys you need to do two things. Firstly you need to find a good list of companies to join. Why do you need a list? Because to have a chance of making money you need to join a lot of companies, over 50 at least. The reason being that it increases the chances of receiving surveys each month and because even the best paying surveys companies will only send out a handful of online surveys each month.

The second thing is to have a little patience. It is important that you realize some companies may have a backlog so once you register it may take up to a month before you start receiving any online surveys from them. Also some companies won't send you any cash surveys ( at least ones worth earning) until you have completed a couple of smaller rewarding surveys for them first. For the time and effort it takes to do the smaller surveys and the rewards it can bring it is worth doing.

So is it even worth doing make money online surveys at all? In my honest opinion yes. I make between $1000 and $2000 a month with online surveys now that I am an established survey taker and believe me it is a fantastic boost to my main monthly income and the thing is anyone else out there could do the same.

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