Get Paid to Fill Out Online Surveys

Did you know you can actually get paid to fill out online surveys? It's true. I've done it myself. I can't imagine an easier way to make extra money than answering a few questions while sitting at home in your pajamas.

How do online surveys work? It's actually pretty easy to get started. When you sign up for a survey service you'll fill out a short questionnaire about yourself, which they'll use to determine what type of future surveys you qualify for. You don't always get paid for that initial questionnaire. It depends on the survey company.

How much can you get paid to fill out online surveys? Well it depends on the company and the length of the survey. Short surveys that take a few minutes to complete generally pay around $5 to $15. But more in-depth surveys can pay $75 or more.

Keep in mind that is just a guide. Some of the shorter surveys pay even better than the big ones!

How do you find the highest-paying surveys? There are lots of sites that offer directories of companies that will pay you cash for your opinions. These directories are great because they've already done the hard work of researching the various companies that pay cash for surveys. They also make it easy to sign up with multiple companies, which gives you more chances to earn cash.

These directory services can also protect you from scams. Since they've already pre-screened the survey companies, you can trust that the offers they send you are legitimate.

Of course you should always use caution when signing up with any survey service or directory.

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